Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So Belated Happy 100,000 Hits! Thanks All! (Also my thoughts on this seasons American Idol. Yeah I am THAT kind of gay)

Was hoping to have a dozen or so fakes to post for this, but with the death of my hard drive I guess that isn't possible so here is something I threw together. I Hope you enjoy.

Also included a toned down, simpler image since thats more my style anyways.

Some thoughts on Idol. I skipped the audition rounds and only skimmed through some of Hollywood so this is really my first week of Idol.

1. Girls are much better than the guys this season simply because the girls have 3/4 singers who could be truly great if the stars align. I don't see any males that could win AND be successful though it is early and things could change.

2. I still prefer the overall setup of Idol over The Voice and I do think it has a much deeper pool of actual talent (which makes sense since it is the premier show). If only the Judges would give actual critiques I would be very happy with Idol as it is. Can't speak to the X Factor since I never did watch it.....but I hear its much more performance driven which isn't something I am interested in. I mean.....Carrie Underwood is now an incredible performer yet was terrible at it on Idol...I just don't see it as relevant.

3. Not sure how much you guys follow Dial Idol but the guys are demolishing the girls vote wise so far night vs night. I think it may be time for the production/judges to actively try to produce a female winner. This season has several viable females to do it with so its now or never imo. The shows legitimacy really is at stake.

4. I HATE post performance interviews. They are so awkward and pointless. Do the interview before. All you get after is people trying not to sound egotistical if they were praised and people trying not to depreciate themselves if they were criticized.

Anyways. Mostly the guys blended together for me. Heejun Han is interesting and new at least though he will need a wildcard pick to have even the slightest chance of making it. Eben is a lock despite that disastrous performance. He could actually work in favor of a female winner by lasting late in the game (ala Anthony Federov is season 4 with Carrie) by acting as a vote sponge away from other male contestants even though he has no shot at winning.

Adam Brock is going to be that talented but annoying as hell guy that I am going to hate. Hated him from day one and he is only getting worse. He is a combination of Danny Gokey and Nick Mitchell ("Norman Gentle"). An abomination even......

As for the ladies. I think there was a VERY clear division between the winners and the losers at this point. Personally I am really behind Hollie Cavanagh who was rough in places but made me really think we have a potential pop star on our hands if she Pans out. Jessica Sanchez is, of course, a lock and it was an amazing performance. She is the contestant I can't root against because of her incredible skill (like Pia last season) but I don't really support either. Would not complain about a win from her.

Brielle Von Hugel is a lock for top 12 if dialidol is correct (she is #1) but I don't really think she deserves to be a lock. Chelsea Sorrell is also trending high with the country vote which worries me since she is not even the best country singer in the lot (that would be Skylar who will get top 12 whether by vote or wildcard....thats a lock).

Only other two I want to mention are Erika Van Pelt, and Jen Hirsh who were very solid and obviously tested performers but were screwed with their starting positions and have no chance of making top 12 on votes. However, at least ONE will make it in wildcard (probably Jen though I prefer Erika) simply because the ladies side needs an older, more seasoned contestant to balance things out.

Wow did not mean to type that much. Well those are my thoughts.


My favorites:

Lost Everything :(

So today my dorm had a fire alarm while I was sitting at my PC which startled me. Causing me to bump my hard drive which promptly fell to the ground and broke. This hard drive had all my raw fakes (psd files), my massive porn pic collection I have been building for years, all my celeb pics, all my school work, writing, taxes, etc as well as nearly a dozen or so fakes that were in progress or ready to be posted.

Normally I would have it backed up by I just got a new PC and I had yet to copy the files over. So everything is gone and I am super depressed. Especially since I was saving what were almost surely my best fakes I had ever made for my 100k hit bash in a couple days.

Called some pc repair guys and it will cost somewhere between $200 (if its something trivial which is unlikely since I dropped it and it now makes funny noises) up to $1500 if it needs rebuilt.

So yeah. Not sure what I am going to do. I am going to try to find all the images needed to put back together a couple of my favorite fakes I hadn't released but failing that I may take a prolonged break from faking while I slowly rebuild my collection of images because I can't stand faking without a massive array of options.

Anyways. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quick David Archuleta Nude Pic

Not my favorite pic by any means but I can live with it. For some reason my David pics never turn out perfect. Not sure if its his body or skin tone (or both) that throw me off.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Couple nude/non nude Glee fakes and a Nick Jonas showing off :)

Normally not much of a fan of Chris Colfer but I received quite a few requests for him so made one that I kind of like. Hopefully you like em as well.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

NOOOOOOO /sadface

So. Had an set of four pics I was working on in photoshop on and off all day (I am a massive multitasker....I never sit down and just DO anything...ever). The fakes were pretty much completed and was polishing them up while playing some games, browsing a music forum, and watching a vid on youtube when BOOM.

Blue screen of death.

Realized  I had nothing saved.....face -> desk

Lost a good 5 hours of faking and I thought I would share my acute pain. I will never do those fakes again....retreading ground drives me nuts. When I was a kid I dropped my gameboy color 3 hours into pokemon without a save. I never played the game again.

Anyways /cry. Just got this new high end gaming PC about a week and a half ago and its blue screened on me twice. ugh.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

William Moseley Nude + Non Nude Fakes

Realized I hadn't done any William Moseley fakes so decided to rectify the situation. He is much better naked. I actually kind of really like how the first one turned out. Those of you that know me know that there isn't much of my own work that I that I like this one is saying alot.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Couple More

Not my best ever. Had they these two none nudes lying around for a couple days deciding whether I wanted to post em, refine em, or scrap em and I decided I may as well post em. Hope you enjoy.

They are decent examples of fakes that simply cannot 100% work because of lighting/body choices.

A Present For You!

Mmmmm if only my local take out restaurant delivered some Neil Patrick Harris all tied up.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

IMA BACK! What is better than Zac Efron in the Nude? (dumb question huh?)

So after some time back was in the mood for some more fake celeb dick. You? You know I have this fantasy of celebs Googleing themselves only to find my site. Oh what I would give to see the look on their faces!

Mixed bag of naked/non nude pics and styles. Not much in the way on "new" technique but meh.....I really need a good site to give me new ideas. I also am in dire need of a site with great HIGH REZ porn pics. I think the porn pics are 50% of what makes a fake good and they are in short supply (I never use the pics least so far). So please please please if you know of a good site send me a link.

Not actually that much of a Novak fan but I get a lot of requests for him so one is.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sorry Been MIA :(

Been really distracted the last few days so haven't been doing much faking. Combination of other interests, school work, boredom, lack of inspiration, etc. Hoping to get back to faking in the next couple days...or for sure by the weekend.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Quick Cory Monteith Nude. I hope you enjoy.

Here's a Landon Liboiron nude fake I whipped up.

I fell in love with this kid on Terra Nova. So damn cute with just a hint of edginess. Here's hoping that the series continues and the producers have the balls to do some naked sex scenes with Landon. So hot.

Nicholas D'Agosto

Not a big mainstream star but he is fucking adorable in everything I have seen him. Even better naked!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Another Zac. Enjoy

Chad Michael Murray

I would grab his crotch for him....if only he would ask.

Mmmmm Poolboy.......

Here's a Michael Phelps Nude. Enjoy!

Chord Overstreet

Here's a Chord Overstreet. Been toiling over it for almost two hours tweaking trying to get colors to match. Pink high contrast skin the bane of my existence.....trying to get it to match yellowish monotone skin...ugh. Just hard because "pink" isn't an option for selection and if you choose to adjust red or white they effect everything else and barely change the area you want. Still not 100% happy with it. More like 70%.

Zac Efron......gotta love em!

I have avoided doing Zac's for a long time simply because of how many great fakes there are already out there of him. However, broke down this morning and made one....I hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Craig Olejnik

No clue who this guy is or where he is from. He is super hot though. So here it is.