Sunday, January 13, 2013

Josh Hutcherson (Hunger Games) Nude Fake + Fanfiction + New Domain?

Ok so first off here is a Josh Hutcherson fake. I recently got around to watching The Hunger Games and fell in love with it and he is a cutie! Had numerous requests for him as well. I am relatively happy with how it turned out.

This Josh Hutcherson nude fake is also uploaded to my tumblr.....along with most of my other fakes.

Second item of business. I think I am going to start doing fanfiction to go along with my fakes. Though the fanfics will only be loosely based on the pics. I am not sure where to start with making fanfics because it requires a completely different skillset from actual faking. Anyways.....just wanted to let you know what to expect coming up. (may also accept fanfics from others..... )

LASTLY I am considering moving my site over to its own domain despite the cost. Google always has had an itchy trigger finger when it comes to blogs with adult male content and (despite the fact that I am very careful about following the rules) I would be CRUSHED if this blog was deleted. I am exploring my options and will keep you posted.

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