Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tom Daley Nude Fake + Happy Belated 1 Million Hits (way past it now)

So first off. Thanks all for visiting.....and here is a Tom Daley naked fake I made. Pretty fun to do. Not the highest rez image on earth but I liked the pose. I will try to do more of him and the other Olympic guys throughout the games.

So now. Down to business. Thanks all for over 1 million hits in about half a year. So much fun and sorry I haven't posted a ton lately. I am planning on doing a bunch of Olympics fakes because I am obsessed with them :)

A couple reminders:

1. I do take celebrity requests. Just leave comments or email me. I DO read everything.

2. No non celeb requests....ever. I will not do pictures of yourself, of your friends, or crushes. Nor will I send you pics of myself lol.

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