Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Quick N Easy Chace Crawford Nude Fake! Also (speaking of people who are quick and easy) 1D poll!

Edit: Epic poll failure. The results keep disappearing ...had a couple hundred votes at one point now down to a handful. Not sure

So been real busy this week. Found time to make this fast Chace Crawford (From Gossup Girl) naked fake! He is such a hottie. Shame he messed up his lip in the last year or so. Anyways, hopefully will find some time to make more fakes this week.

As always comment please. Also vote in 1D poll.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

2 Million hits! Thanks all!

Been busy but wanted to drop in to mention the milestone of 2 million pageviews for the site. Thanks all for visiting and I will try to get some new fakes out soon. Maybe today....we will see.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sterek! Teen Wolf Nude Fake. Dylan O'brien + Tyler Hoechlin.

I got a lot of feedback from my first teen wolf fake so I decided to try another one. Quite a few people expressed interest in a Stiles + Derek pairing so that is what I attempted. Spent like all of last night on it so tired of looking at it, but I still think it looks fairly good. Nice hot naked bodies. Still a couple issues, but I identified them too late to be able to fix without starting over from scratch. Oh well. I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for all your comments and those that have joined the site!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Yay Halloween time! Niall Horan of One Direction nude theme fake.

Had some complaints from people that I had not been doing enough Niall Horan nude fakes compared to the other One Direction guys. Rectifying that situation

This is one of those fakes I spent a ton of time on. Not because the body itself was hard (this one was fairly straight forward), but because the background in the original pic was horrid so I had to come up with some sort of theme. My last Niall Horan Naked fake was a beach theme (First Niall Horan Naked Fake) so wanted to come up with a theme. Went back and forth for hours lol. A Halloween theme is what I settled on lol. This is one of those times where I have no clue how I got from what I was when working on original pic....to where it ended up.

Commentz plz <3

Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Layout + Twitter + Teen Wolf fake attempt

So as you have probably noticed I updated the layout. Old one was very dated and I kind of like this new one. Expect some tweaking to go on in the next few days as I fiddle around with options.

Also.....I have been faking for a while now and follow numerous other fakes blogs. However, over time so many disappear. Many of which are deleted by google. For that reason I want to share the following info with you as to what will happen should my blog be deleted.

1. I still have my Tumblr which has all my newer fakes and most of my older ones.

2. I now have a twitter @Wafflefakes so if the site goes down that is where you can get info.

3. If Google persists and won't let me bring the site back up or start a new blogger I will probably make a .zip file of all my fakes for download just to make it easier to distribute.

Hopefully it never comes to that but I like to be prepared.

In the meantime I made a Colton Haynes + Dylan O'brien fake. No where near my best work and I have a lot of problems with it but as I said....trying out new things. I spent way too much time working on it last night to not post it despite my misgivings.

Thank you all for your support. I am days away from 2 million hits. Please continue to join/comment. Its really the comments and interacting with people who like what I do that keeps me going.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Another One Direction Nude Fake - Louis Tomlinson

This is another one I player around with a lot just trying different thinks with mixed results. Slowly learning though which is good. Can't know whether something works till you try. Similar to my Efrom pic in that its mostly black and white (which is actually a lot easier than my normal way) then using pops of colors for accents. Anyways here is a Louis Tomlinson nude fake. I figure One Direction is big right now so may as well strike while the iron is hot and all the fangirls (and boys) are going mad.

Tell me what you think in comments! MOAR COMMENTS!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Harry Styles (One Direction) nude humor fake - request from Jenna243x

This was a request sent to me on my tumblr. Essentially she wanted this caption on a hot Harry Styles pic so I obliged. I actually like how it turned out. Think is a very sexy naked pic of Harry. If people want I can also post one with no text bubble or no text so people can add their own captions. (didn't really bother with Tattoo's....way too much work)

As always please comment/join!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Zac Efron Nude Fake - Trying at a different style.

So been bored and in a rut lately. Felt like I wasn't improving on pushing myself. SOOOOO decided to try something new.....trying new styles is hit and miss but I imagine its the only way you can improve. So throwing this out there. Not sure what I think yet. May mess with the accent wall later or replace it entirely. Either way......<3 Zac Efron and his hot ass.....so. Kinda basing my try on Demon48180's style except I really don't like using image wide blurs and filters as much as he does.....feel like cheating to hide flaws lol.

Please comment with your thoughts.