Saturday, January 12, 2013

One Direction - Liam Payne - Nude Fake

Liam Payne has been the member of 1D that has grown on me the most lately. I don't know why but of the guys of the band he seems to be the most "guy next door" which is a big plus for me. Plus I loved him back when he was on X Factor. His haircuts since then have been steadily going downhill though imo. Still, he fills his niche in One Direction and I don't think there are nearly enough naked pics of him out there.

So I made one. He is kind of hard to make fakes of because of his relatively generic features and the fact that he doesn't photograph particularly well. Still....I think it turned out reasonable well.

(Also if you are using a PC with a smaller screen than mine and it bugging out mind commenting or emailing me? Was looking at my traffic and the VAST majority of my views come from screens with lower resolution than I want to make sure its still compatible. THX)

As always comments much appreciated <3

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