Saturday, December 31, 2011

Can never have too much Jesse McCartney. He even has fun with himself :)

Some more OC throwback fakes of some of my favorites. Also posted on JUB Forums.

Some of my better pics I have been sitting on. Enjoy. Some Adam Brody and Novak Djokovic fakes.

These are some of my early attempts. All have some major issues so hopefully you can learn from them just like I did. Also thanks to JUB forums and community

Gay Celeb Fakes

Gotten into creating fakes of my favorite celebs recently so decided I may as well make a blog to display them. Feel free to copy/keep/repost them as you would like. They are made to be enjoyed. However, if you do so I would prefer if you linked back to my blog. If you want to use a number of images on your blog please contact me about swapping blog links.

I do ask that you do not try to claim the work as your own or remove the watermarks/logos. I put them in places where they would not cover the pics which makes them vulnerable, but here's hoping people have more integrity than that.

I do take requests. If you make a request keep in mind the following:

UPDATED 5/31/2012

So first off I have decided to do a revision of my requests policy.

1. Don't worry about sending me pics. I thought this was a good idea but honestly.....I haven't gotten one workable pic since I started. Not your fault.....simply a matter of most people not knowing what goes in to making a good fake.

2. I am fine with posting requests as comment. Trust me....I read EVERY comment. You can also email requests to, or you can send me a message on

3. Do not request that I email the fake to you or email you when it is done. I really don't have enough time to do that type of thing. I will post it on the site when it is done.

4. For the love of god.....don't spam me. You can make the same request once every two weeks. If you ask multiple times I am likely to scratch it off me list.

5. Don't get mad if I don't complete your request. I do not have nearly as much time as I used to to make fakes and I generally only get to one a week or so.

6. Keep in mind that I am running a website that is based on traffic. If you submit a request for a very obscure celeb or athlete chances are it will not be completed.

7. Lastly. DO NOT EVER EVER send me requests for non celebs/people you know. I cannot make those fakes. It is illegal because they are not a "public figure" I could get sued for libel.