Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy 1 Year Anniversary + Another One Direction Fake....Narry!

Today it has been on year to the day since I started this blog. Thanks to everyone who has viewed/commented/emailed/etc. It has been a lot of fun and the blog has achieved more success than I had ever expected (coming up on 3 million hits).

Onward! Here is a nude fake of Niall/Harry from One Direction. Originally I had planned on this being a Niam pairing but honestly....Liam does NOT photograph well so I had very limited options to work with so I ended up having to ditch the idea. Still like how this one turned out (I am not sure why, but whenever I do a Niall fake it seems to turn out well). The hardest thing to do is to find GOOD action pics to work with for pairings...... its almost impossible to get fakes with multiple people situated perfectly without resorting to tricks lol.

Someday I may get off my ass and start writing fanfic's to go along with my slash art.



And have a great 2013!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jensen Ackles from Supernatural + Darren Criss from Glee Naked Fakes

So trying to get back into thinks. I really have only made one or two fakes in the last month and a half so its kind of hard. Made a Jensen Ackles nude fake due to a lot of requests for him. Same with Darren Criss....lots of requests for glee nudes.

They are by no means perfect. I chose somewhat difficult pics to work with due to the angles......trying to get back into the swing of things....hopefully will be back to where I was soon.

This one is just an odd face position. Looks off but I am happy with it considering the original pic looked off as well lol.....

Friday, December 7, 2012

Final's Done :)

Sorry I have been MIA lately. Been really busy with my classes and various other things this semester. As of right now I am officially finished though (and everything went rather well) I have a week off. I am hoping to get a number of fakes done for you all.

Just wanted to say hi and give that update. Thanks!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Zayn Malik Naked Fake - One Direction

Ok yeah I am still on my One Direction kick. Had a lot of requests for a Zayn Malik nude fake so decided to make one. Yeah no Tattoo's....but people will get over it lol. I don't much like his tattoo's anyways. :)

...a couple issues but I like it. Getting a bit rusty.

(sorry I haven't been posting much....very busy)

Please comment!

Monday, November 5, 2012

One Direction + Harry Styles Nude Fake + General Thoughts + Go VOTE!

 (If you don't like 1D bare with me.....they are my current obsession but I have a very short attention span.)

So One Direction is big right now (as many have noticed) and they are releasing an album in the next weekish or thought I would share my thoughts on them. 

The Group: I am a HUGE fan of reality TV singing shows so that doesn't bother me at all. I love the way that there were thrown together and achieved huge success. I believe their friendship is real...mainly because at the age of 16-17 guys tend to get along with one another really well. I think the variety of looks and personalities is a huge plus for the group.

Sexuality: I don't know if any of them are gay. I don't think they would admit it (yet) even if they were. One could surmise that the almost teasing amount of sexual tension could be a tool used to draw away attention from one or two of them that are actually gay. However, I don't think we have any real method of knowing so meh. Its their own business.

Music: I like some of their tracks. Not what draws me to them (obviously). They pander a lot which isn't my thing....but whatever works for them.

Harry Styles: I don't know if I buy his reputation as a womanizer or not. He seems like a funny enough guy. Love his hair. He was also so fucking adorable on X Factor....cheeky bastard. No one should be allowed to be that cute.

Liam Payne: Of the group he is the "marry, buy a house, have 3 kids, etc" type. He looks older than he is (compared to the others...always been that way) and is definitely the best overall singer in the group which is something I can always appreciate. His hair styles have gone downhill though imo....his best is still his X Factor cut.

Louis Tomlinson: The funny one....a bit of an attention whore when they make vids. To me he is someone I would like to hang out with occasionally but would probably annoy the fuck out of me if I had to spend a LOT of time with him. However, DAT ASS! Also his looks have only improved over time....he was smokin at the football game. He also comes off as a little self righteous and indignant occasionally. Soooooo conflicted.

Niall Horan: The puppy of the group. He is adorable to say the least. His singing leaves much to be desired but one does not just get over how adorable Irish accents are. He is the one I would like to keep as a pet lol.

Zayn Malik: Not necessarily my cup of tea. I like him but his (and Harry's) tattoo's are getting a bit out of hand. In 5 years they are going to be PLASTERED. That said....I can appreciate his quieter personality and he is the one that looks most adorable when sleeping *creepy grin*. He is also a nice singer with a good range.

Anyways FAKES. Decided to do another Harry Styles naked fake with a theme. I liked how the last one turned out.
 Made a smaller one for those who don't want extras.
 As you can see. Decided to throw in the nipples on this one. However, tattoo's are a pain in the ass. I tried it on a Bieber and it never produces a good result so just gunna not worry about them lol.

Also if you EVER want me to do minor customizations to fakes just let me know. Text or color changes take literally no time at all. Can add captions, etc.

ELECTIONS: Please my friends. If you live in the US please remember to vote. If anyone tells you your vote does not matter....punch them in the balls..... I will be sooooo depressed if haters win :(

Friday, November 2, 2012

1D Poll attempt #2

Ok so trying this again. Blogger's polls are all fucked up and keep resetting to 0. Planning on working on a few more 1D fakes over the next couple days and having a blog post where ALL I do is talk about my thoughts/opinions on the boys. Should be fun.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Quick N Easy Chace Crawford Nude Fake! Also (speaking of people who are quick and easy) 1D poll!

Edit: Epic poll failure. The results keep disappearing ...had a couple hundred votes at one point now down to a handful. Not sure

So been real busy this week. Found time to make this fast Chace Crawford (From Gossup Girl) naked fake! He is such a hottie. Shame he messed up his lip in the last year or so. Anyways, hopefully will find some time to make more fakes this week.

As always comment please. Also vote in 1D poll.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

2 Million hits! Thanks all!

Been busy but wanted to drop in to mention the milestone of 2 million pageviews for the site. Thanks all for visiting and I will try to get some new fakes out soon. Maybe today....we will see.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sterek! Teen Wolf Nude Fake. Dylan O'brien + Tyler Hoechlin.

I got a lot of feedback from my first teen wolf fake so I decided to try another one. Quite a few people expressed interest in a Stiles + Derek pairing so that is what I attempted. Spent like all of last night on it so tired of looking at it, but I still think it looks fairly good. Nice hot naked bodies. Still a couple issues, but I identified them too late to be able to fix without starting over from scratch. Oh well. I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for all your comments and those that have joined the site!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Yay Halloween time! Niall Horan of One Direction nude theme fake.

Had some complaints from people that I had not been doing enough Niall Horan nude fakes compared to the other One Direction guys. Rectifying that situation

This is one of those fakes I spent a ton of time on. Not because the body itself was hard (this one was fairly straight forward), but because the background in the original pic was horrid so I had to come up with some sort of theme. My last Niall Horan Naked fake was a beach theme (First Niall Horan Naked Fake) so wanted to come up with a theme. Went back and forth for hours lol. A Halloween theme is what I settled on lol. This is one of those times where I have no clue how I got from what I was when working on original where it ended up.

Commentz plz <3

Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Layout + Twitter + Teen Wolf fake attempt

So as you have probably noticed I updated the layout. Old one was very dated and I kind of like this new one. Expect some tweaking to go on in the next few days as I fiddle around with options.

Also.....I have been faking for a while now and follow numerous other fakes blogs. However, over time so many disappear. Many of which are deleted by google. For that reason I want to share the following info with you as to what will happen should my blog be deleted.

1. I still have my Tumblr which has all my newer fakes and most of my older ones.

2. I now have a twitter @Wafflefakes so if the site goes down that is where you can get info.

3. If Google persists and won't let me bring the site back up or start a new blogger I will probably make a .zip file of all my fakes for download just to make it easier to distribute.

Hopefully it never comes to that but I like to be prepared.

In the meantime I made a Colton Haynes + Dylan O'brien fake. No where near my best work and I have a lot of problems with it but as I said....trying out new things. I spent way too much time working on it last night to not post it despite my misgivings.

Thank you all for your support. I am days away from 2 million hits. Please continue to join/comment. Its really the comments and interacting with people who like what I do that keeps me going.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Another One Direction Nude Fake - Louis Tomlinson

This is another one I player around with a lot just trying different thinks with mixed results. Slowly learning though which is good. Can't know whether something works till you try. Similar to my Efrom pic in that its mostly black and white (which is actually a lot easier than my normal way) then using pops of colors for accents. Anyways here is a Louis Tomlinson nude fake. I figure One Direction is big right now so may as well strike while the iron is hot and all the fangirls (and boys) are going mad.

Tell me what you think in comments! MOAR COMMENTS!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Harry Styles (One Direction) nude humor fake - request from Jenna243x

This was a request sent to me on my tumblr. Essentially she wanted this caption on a hot Harry Styles pic so I obliged. I actually like how it turned out. Think is a very sexy naked pic of Harry. If people want I can also post one with no text bubble or no text so people can add their own captions. (didn't really bother with Tattoo's....way too much work)

As always please comment/join!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Zac Efron Nude Fake - Trying at a different style.

So been bored and in a rut lately. Felt like I wasn't improving on pushing myself. SOOOOO decided to try something new.....trying new styles is hit and miss but I imagine its the only way you can improve. So throwing this out there. Not sure what I think yet. May mess with the accent wall later or replace it entirely. Either way......<3 Zac Efron and his hot Kinda basing my try on Demon48180's style except I really don't like using image wide blurs and filters as much as he does.....feel like cheating to hide flaws lol.

Please comment with your thoughts.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Some quickies. Justin Bieber + Louis Tomlinson Semi Nude Fake

Here are a couple more fakes. Really conflicted on these two lol....not my best ever. One minute I look at them and love them. the next they annoy me. Posting em anyways. For the Bieber people always pestered me about his tattoos so I decided to give them a shot. Tell me what you think.
This one was originally going to be a One Direction duo but the head angle of the bottom guy is really odd and could not find any decent pics to use to replicate it for the life of me lol. I still like it overall.

Monday, September 24, 2012

New guys on Glee, Nude Fakes. Dean Geyer and Jacob Artist. ZOMG 200 SUBS

Not sure whats gotten into me posting 3 days in a row (more fakes done and waiting as well. Anyways, here is Dean Geyer and Jacob Artist in all their nude glory. I hope you enjoy.

YAY 200 subs!. TYTYTYTY. Good day to be me :)


Sunday, September 23, 2012

I'll just leave this here (Dylan O'brien)

So uh. Been going a bit fake crazy this weekend. Made a whole bunch but most of the others I can group together into sets. This one is just kind of a 1 off for fun. Not the most amazing fake ever but I though it was a fun one of Dylan Nude ish. I really love partially clothed/costume pics in general. Hard to find good ones sometimes.

ALMOST 200 SUBS. Join/comment :)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Some Leftovers. Zac Efron, Ryan Reynolds, and Tom Daley Nude Fakes. Also sorry for being MIA.

Been really busy the last few weeks and a tiny bit of lack of interest. I probably won't be as active going forward as I would like. Hopefully will be able to get some new fakes done in next couple days.

For the time being here are some throwaways. A Tom Daley, Ryan Reynolds, and Zac Efron naked set. They have been done for a while but I don't particular like how they turned out so never posted them. Decided that they were good enough to put out there with that disclaimer.

As always.....comment....join... <3

Saturday, September 1, 2012

MOAR GLEE FAKES! Grant Gustin, Chris Colfer, and Darren Criss nude fakes and one sex/action pic.

Edit: Also YAY 1.5 million hits as of today.

So as most of you know I don't do a whole lot of action shots for the simple reasons that they are a massive time since, super difficult, and almost never turn out as well as I would like mainly because I am a bit of a fakes snob and have very high standards. However, occasionally I run into a pic thats good enough that I make an attempt. Did so today....each time to look at it I waffle between loving it and hating is but meh. Posting it anyways.

Also had not done any Glee fakes in quite a while. With the series coming back decided I may as well make some more nude fakes of Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, and Grant Gustin. I really, really like the Grant in particular.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Quick (well nothing fancy) Logan Lerman Nude Fake - Request

Had a lot of requests for a Logan Lerman naked fake so here one is. Far from my best work (Had all sorts of problems lol) but I spent so much time on it that I thought I would post it anyways. Be nice lol. He is kinda cute but for some reason he is really hard to fake. Went through several attempts that went no where before this one.

Anyways COMMENT DAMMIT lol. I like comments and I do read them all. Commenting has really dropped off lately.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Justin Bieber Naked Fake :) Some bondage gear + Yay Photoshop 6

So upgraded to Photoshop 6. Impulse buy that I already somewhat regret but its kind of fun to learn how to use it. Hopefully I can get used to it soon. Also planning on spending more time on requests soon. Logan Lerman specifically on my radar.

Meanwhile here is another Justin Bieber Nude Fake. I hope you enjoy.

Also join and comment dammit lol.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Top 10 Favorite Fakes I Have Ever Made

So. I had been planning on spending the weekend overhauling the site and making fakes before classes started, but seeing as that is out of the question seeing as I don't have photoshop right now that is out of the window. So I decided to put together a list of my top 10 favorite fakes I have every made :) I like lists and I won't lie...I am kind of a fakes snob I have very high standards lol. Plus it will expose some of my older blog posts which people don't read much now.

Not a lot of my very early fakes made this list because honestly...when I started I sucked ass at this lol. Note that not all of them are the most technically perfect of my fakes, just my favorite or ones I have fond memories of.

Anyways here it goes! Click the link to go to the original post.

 #10 Chad Micheal Murray Non Nude Fake

Nowadays I know how to fix problems, what makes a good fake, etc. When I started that really was not the case so much....and when things worked out well it was as much luck as anything. This one I like simply because of Chads pose and the way it works with his expression. Almost looks like a postcard lol.While simple i can't find any real faults with it.

This one most definitely isn't really in my top 10 favorite fakes. However, it was the first fake I made that I actually liked even though its been outdated now. Plus its something different than what I usually do. Not to mention that I find Joe Jonas smokin hot.

This one was always funny. I didn't like it all that much when I made it....probably because I was working with such a low resolution image and I felt like I was just salvaging it. I did some filters to give it a different feel that most of my others and to cover up imperfections (something I HATE normally) but it really grew on me.

This one is newer yes but I really like how it turned out and when I started making this list I really couldn't keep it out. Its one I am not like personally drawn towards (because I have no clue who the guy is) but sometimes technical perfection deserves some praise.

I just like this one. I can still see some problems with it but meh sue me. Louis is still my favorite guy from the band.

I didn't know this one would turn out so well when I was making it but it is one of the fakes that I am constantly going back too whenever I am browsing the site no matter how many times I see it.

On first blush this was my #1 but it fell as I thought about it. The top 4 are all really close for me. Many many things work in this pic. I love its vib and brightness. The color is great. Even as I type this I almost want to put it #1 except now I see problems I didn't see first go around.

Another request. While it wasn't the most creative fake I have ever made it is easily one of the most technically perfect and with the fewest visible flaws. Very little to disslike about this fake.

I really love this fake. Te silhouette of his dick in those boxer briefs is incredible. As I recall I did a lot of body editing to get the image I wanted. While there are a couple issues that are visible the overall effect is easily my favorite of all my Bieber fakes. Lets be blunt Bieber is the single largest driver of content on the site.  The image is such a tease.

Ok so this is out of left field. I love this fake and it enrages me how little attention it received. The pose, the subject, the result is all perfect imo. While its an older fake and it is missing some of my fancy new tricks I think it needs more love. So without any regret it is number 1.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Ugh....fuck colleges. Updated

So as many of you know moved back to university this week. Since I moved in my locks don't work. My internet is pure shit. I have blown the breakers twice with only my pc plugged in and maitinance is now closed. Posting from my phone. Unless this stuff gets fixed I am going to go crazy....all this in a brand new building

Anyways just needed to vent.

Update: Got my PC up and running. Internet is still shit....ordering a new network adapter to see if that helps. Wont have Photoshop up and running until Monday at the earliest though.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jack Gleeson (age 20) Joffrey Baratheon Naked Fake.

So I decided I was in a rut. Doing the same guys and themes over and over from the same set of pics. So took a few days deleted all my old model pics that I don't like, found a ton of new face pics of celebs and here I go hoping to get back into the swing of things.

Anyways. Here is a Jack Gleeson (aka Joffery Baratheon) nude fake. I hope you enjoy.

As always please join the site, comment, etc :)

Friday, August 10, 2012

One Direction - Liam Payne Nude Fake

Always a ton of requests in my inbox for the One Direction guys naked. Hadn't made a good Liam Payne nude fake in a while so decided to make one. Not the greatest fake ever and has a couple issues but overall I am happy with it. A quickie.

ALSO NEW LOGO! This is like my....4th change lol. Hopefully this one sticks. Started finding my fakes on the web with my logo removed so decided to make it bigger and part of it a watermark to make sure you are at least somewhat capable in photoshop if you want it removed.

Other One Direction Fakes of Mine:
Niall Horan Nude Fake
Harry Styles Nude Fake
Louis Tomlinson Nude Fake

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hunter Hayes Nude Fake - Request

So taking a break from the Olympics and going to fulfill a couple other requests. I have received a number of requests for Hunter Hayes Naked / Shirtless / Sex / Etc fakes and I looked him up and he is sorta here one is. Not 100% I like the vibe but the image itself is very nice imo.

As per always. Please comment and join :) I read all comments and emails. Best comments are one about this fake specifically or my work in general. Much <3

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Danell Leyva - USA Gymnist - Nude Fake

Here's a Denell Leyva naked fake that I made. Another in my Olympics set (breaking all kinds of traffic records the last few days). He isn't my type but had a ton of requests for him. I hope you enjoy.Not perfect by any means but meh. Olympians are hard because they are not models and therefor photograph poorly for the most part.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tom Daley Nude Fake + Happy Belated 1 Million Hits (way past it now)

So first off. Thanks all for visiting.....and here is a Tom Daley naked fake I made. Pretty fun to do. Not the highest rez image on earth but I liked the pose. I will try to do more of him and the other Olympic guys throughout the games.

So now. Down to business. Thanks all for over 1 million hits in about half a year. So much fun and sorry I haven't posted a ton lately. I am planning on doing a bunch of Olympics fakes because I am obsessed with them :)

A couple reminders:

1. I do take celebrity requests. Just leave comments or email me. I DO read everything.

2. No non celeb requests....ever. I will not do pictures of yourself, of your friends, or crushes. Nor will I send you pics of myself lol.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nother One Direction Fake. Mmmmm Naked Niall Horan - (Request)

So the last of the One Direction guys that I had not done a fake of nude or otherwise. The problem with doing Niall is that in general he doesn't photograph in a way that is very workable for faking. Finally found a pic that works though and I have had a ton of requests so decided to try out a naked fake of the guy.

(Edit:  2 days from 1 million hits as well. Will try to get a few more fakes done before then.)

I really like how this one turned out overall. (really trying to not criticize my own work anymore lol)

Comment/Join/+1/etc etc etc if you like what I do.  :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Logan Henderson Nude Fake - Big Time Rush - 1 Million hits countdown request :)

So here is the second request I fulfilled for my 1 million hits pre celebration.. Not at all familiar with him or the show but I am overall happy with how this turned out. Was not a fake that ever really "clicked" into perfect like some though.

If you like the site please +1/Join/Comment (I appreciate requests but I prefer if a comment on the fake was also included)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Teen Wolf Nude Fakes - Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien (requests)

Never watched the show myself but after going through all my requests in the last few days decided that the Teen Wolf guys would be a good choice to start with for some new nude fakes. Hopefully I havn't lost too much of my edge because of my lack of faking practice lately.

COMMENT and JOIN if you like :)

Monday, July 2, 2012

General Stuffz

Ok some more general info and housekeeping.

Firstly. Thanks everyone for visiting the site, commenting, and joining etc. The site has been far more successful than I had ever imagined and only keeps growing. I am really sorry my posts have been so sporadic has been busy. I still really enjoy faking though and have no intention of stoppiing any time soon.

Upcoming events/plans:

1. In 6 months or so of this site going up we are rapidly closing in on 1 million hits and I am definitely planning on taking some time to produce a large bunch of fakes (including requests) for when we reach the milestone. Should be later this month if traffic stays stable.

2. Olympics. Will try to get out some fakes of Olympic stars out there during the event. Should be fun. I am hoping it doesn't coincide with my 1 million hits celebration.

3. Site redesign. The layout I made for the site is getting a bit old for me. Not sure what exactly I am going to change but I plan a major overhaul this fall. Probably around the time fall semester starts and I have a brief window of a week or so to really work on it.

Other stuff/reminders

If you want to comment with a link to your own site please feel free to do so ONLY IF you also post a legitimate comment. Any spam will be removed.

A reminder that I do not do fakes of people who you know in real life who are not celebrities.

I also do not do underage celebs.

I had made a few faking guides in the past (really bad fakes drive me nuts lol) but there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of interest in it so it has been put on hold for the time being. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Justin Bieber Bondage Pic!

Decided to take some time and make a Justin Bieber nude bondage pic. Hope you like.

(if Bieber isn't your thing never fear....have some of other celebs in progress)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sorry I havn't been posting for a couple weeks :(

I have been really busy this summer. NEVER FEAR I totally intend to keep posting new fakes but they will be sporadic this summer. You should expect a ramp up as fall starts and my schedule is more conducive to faking. Thanks to everyone who have left comments on any of my fakes or subscribes here or on tumblr :) Keep it up.....I do read all comments and look at my followers profiles.

In the meantime I am looking for suggestions on improving the site. Are there any features people would like? An archive of fakes in a zip file? More links to other sites? Etc.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Justin Bieber Quickie

Had a ton of requests for Bieber so decided to make a quick one.

I should be posting more fakes over the coming week or so as my schedule opens up.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Zac Efron Nude Fake + Clarification on Requests

So first off I have decided to do a revision of my requests policy.

1. Don't worry about sending me pics. I thought this was a good idea but honestly.....I haven't gotten one workable pic since I started. Not your fault.....simply a matter of most people not knowing what goes in to making a good fake.

2. I am fine with posting requests as comment. Trust me....I read EVERY comment. You can also email requests to, or you can send me a message on

3. Do not request that I email the fake to you or email you when it is done. I really don't have enough time to do that type of thing. I will post it on the site when it is done.

4. For the love of god.....don't spam me. You can make the same request once every two weeks. If you ask multiple times I am likely to scratch it off me list.

5. Don't get mad if I don't complete your request. I do not have nearly as much time as I used to to make fakes and I generally only get to one a week or so.

6. Keep in mind that I am running a website that is based on traffic. If you submit a request for a very obscure celeb or athlete chances are it will not be completed.

7. Lastly. DO NOT EVER EVER send me requests for non celebs/people you know. I cannot make those fakes. It is illegal because they are not a "public figure" I could get sued for libel.

Now that housekeeping is finished. YAY EFRON!