Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy 3 Million HIts! + Cory Monteith Nude Fake

Passed the 3 million hit milestone in recent weeks <3. Thank you all for visiting! Was a long..... slow climb.

Anyways. Staying on the Glee theme for now I decided to make a naked fake of Cory Monteith. Actually feels like coming full circle since it was a Cory fake that I used to celebrate 100,000 hits way back in the day (makes me cringe to look at it now). Anyways, I am happy with how it turned out and I hope you enjoy it as well.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mark Salling (Glee) Naked Fake

Here is a Mark Salling fake I made over the last couple days. I had gotten a lot of requests for a gay/naked fake of him over the year or so that I have been doing this, but I hadn't actually made one in a while. So here we are. I am fairly happy with how this nude turned out.

I hope you enjoy!

You can also find this pic on my Tumblr.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Tyler Hoechlin (aka Derek Hale from Teen Wolf) Nude Fake

Had a crushingly busy week this week so a lot of my projects were put on hold including a few fakes and my fanfiction/slash fiction (which has turned out to be rather time consuming). Decided to hurry and pump out a fake today before I pass out lol.

Did a naked picture of Tyler Hoechlin from Teen Wolf . He is not my favorite guy on the show (that honor goes to Dylan O'brien) but I decided to do him anyways since I have had a lot of requests, and the fake turned out okish.

I hope to spend quite a bit of time faking this weekend. We will see.


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Friday, January 18, 2013

Louis Tomlinson (One Direction) Semi Nude Teaser Fake

This one was kind of fun. I know I do a lot of One Direction but this particular Louis I find to be very hot lol. I use to do a lot of teaser semi naked fakes, but I hadn't done one in a while. So here this is. Not the fanciest fake ever but I really like the result considering that an hour ago I was stuck and considering scrapping the whole project.

I still plan on doing some fanfiction. Have a couple started but I am not sure whether I want to commit to make NEW fakes for each one (which is hard and may not be practical), or whether to just pair the slash fiction with older ones. We will see. First one should be posted in the next few days.

As I always I REALLY appreciate comments and feedback <3

You can find this image and ALL my other pics here on Wafflefakes Tumblr! Always nice to have around as a backup in case anything happens to this site <3

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Josh Hutcherson (Hunger Games) Nude Fake + Fanfiction + New Domain?

Ok so first off here is a Josh Hutcherson fake. I recently got around to watching The Hunger Games and fell in love with it and he is a cutie! Had numerous requests for him as well. I am relatively happy with how it turned out.

This Josh Hutcherson nude fake is also uploaded to my tumblr.....along with most of my other fakes.

Second item of business. I think I am going to start doing fanfiction to go along with my fakes. Though the fanfics will only be loosely based on the pics. I am not sure where to start with making fanfics because it requires a completely different skillset from actual faking. Anyways.....just wanted to let you know what to expect coming up. (may also accept fanfics from others..... )

LASTLY I am considering moving my site over to its own domain despite the cost. Google always has had an itchy trigger finger when it comes to blogs with adult male content and (despite the fact that I am very careful about following the rules) I would be CRUSHED if this blog was deleted. I am exploring my options and will keep you posted.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

One Direction - Liam Payne - Nude Fake

Liam Payne has been the member of 1D that has grown on me the most lately. I don't know why but of the guys of the band he seems to be the most "guy next door" which is a big plus for me. Plus I loved him back when he was on X Factor. His haircuts since then have been steadily going downhill though imo. Still, he fills his niche in One Direction and I don't think there are nearly enough naked pics of him out there.

So I made one. He is kind of hard to make fakes of because of his relatively generic features and the fact that he doesn't photograph particularly well. Still....I think it turned out reasonable well.

(Also if you are using a PC with a smaller screen than mine and it bugging out mind commenting or emailing me? Was looking at my traffic and the VAST majority of my views come from screens with lower resolution than I want to make sure its still compatible. THX)

As always comments much appreciated <3

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Justin Bieber Nude Bondage Fake

So this one.....I spent WAY too much time working on it. Its one of those things that I couldn't get exactly right. Had it done a couple days ago but couldn't decide whether I wanted to do an overhaul or just post it. I decided I may as well post it because there are aspects of this Bieber fake I really like. Being naked and bound just works for him lol.

Not perfect but I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dylan O'Brien Teen Wolf quickie nude fake!

Hadn't done any Dylan O'Brien fakes in a while so I thought I would attempt one. Its a fairly simple/straightforward fake. Just wanted to put it out there since my new years resolution was to make some sort of nude fake and get it on my blog AT LEAST once per week lol.

I hope you enjoy!

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