Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Danell Leyva - USA Gymnist - Nude Fake

Here's a Denell Leyva naked fake that I made. Another in my Olympics set (breaking all kinds of traffic records the last few days). He isn't my type but had a ton of requests for him. I hope you enjoy.Not perfect by any means but meh. Olympians are hard because they are not models and therefor photograph poorly for the most part.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tom Daley Nude Fake + Happy Belated 1 Million Hits (way past it now)

So first off. Thanks all for visiting.....and here is a Tom Daley naked fake I made. Pretty fun to do. Not the highest rez image on earth but I liked the pose. I will try to do more of him and the other Olympic guys throughout the games.

So now. Down to business. Thanks all for over 1 million hits in about half a year. So much fun and sorry I haven't posted a ton lately. I am planning on doing a bunch of Olympics fakes because I am obsessed with them :)

A couple reminders:

1. I do take celebrity requests. Just leave comments or email me. I DO read everything.

2. No non celeb requests....ever. I will not do pictures of yourself, of your friends, or crushes. Nor will I send you pics of myself lol.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nother One Direction Fake. Mmmmm Naked Niall Horan - (Request)

So the last of the One Direction guys that I had not done a fake of nude or otherwise. The problem with doing Niall is that in general he doesn't photograph in a way that is very workable for faking. Finally found a pic that works though and I have had a ton of requests so decided to try out a naked fake of the guy.

(Edit:  2 days from 1 million hits as well. Will try to get a few more fakes done before then.)

I really like how this one turned out overall. (really trying to not criticize my own work anymore lol)

Comment/Join/+1/etc etc etc if you like what I do.  :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Logan Henderson Nude Fake - Big Time Rush - 1 Million hits countdown request :)

So here is the second request I fulfilled for my 1 million hits pre celebration.. Not at all familiar with him or the show but I am overall happy with how this turned out. Was not a fake that ever really "clicked" into perfect like some though.

If you like the site please +1/Join/Comment (I appreciate requests but I prefer if a comment on the fake was also included)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Teen Wolf Nude Fakes - Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien (requests)

Never watched the show myself but after going through all my requests in the last few days decided that the Teen Wolf guys would be a good choice to start with for some new nude fakes. Hopefully I havn't lost too much of my edge because of my lack of faking practice lately.

COMMENT and JOIN if you like :)

Monday, July 2, 2012

General Stuffz

Ok some more general info and housekeeping.

Firstly. Thanks everyone for visiting the site, commenting, and joining etc. The site has been far more successful than I had ever imagined and only keeps growing. I am really sorry my posts have been so sporadic lately....life has been busy. I still really enjoy faking though and have no intention of stoppiing any time soon.

Upcoming events/plans:

1. In 6 months or so of this site going up we are rapidly closing in on 1 million hits and I am definitely planning on taking some time to produce a large bunch of fakes (including requests) for when we reach the milestone. Should be later this month if traffic stays stable.

2. Olympics. Will try to get out some fakes of Olympic stars out there during the event. Should be fun. I am hoping it doesn't coincide with my 1 million hits celebration.

3. Site redesign. The layout I made for the site is getting a bit old for me. Not sure what exactly I am going to change but I plan a major overhaul this fall. Probably around the time fall semester starts and I have a brief window of a week or so to really work on it.

Other stuff/reminders

If you want to comment with a link to your own site please feel free to do so ONLY IF you also post a legitimate comment. Any spam will be removed.

A reminder that I do not do fakes of people who you know in real life who are not celebrities.

I also do not do underage celebs.

I had made a few faking guides in the past (really bad fakes drive me nuts lol) but there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of interest in it so it has been put on hold for the time being.